Petition guide:


Thank You for helping to get the Libertarian candidates on the ballot!


In order to have the Libertarian candidates’ names placed on the November ballot, Pennsylvania law requires that we “petition”, meaning that we must collect a certain minimum number of signatures from registered voters.  That number varies with the office being sought, and for Governor in 2018, the minimum is 5,000 signatures. Your help in reaching that 5K goal is certainly appreciated.

Here’s a quick overview of the process for collecting signatures:


Please be aware that the method for collecting signatures is an exact science.  That means that you must conform to the specific guidelines listed below.  If you ignore these basic rules, any signatures you collect will not count!

  1. Download side 1 and side 2 of the petition. (Refer to the links below.)
    • You can only use the petition available on this website.  No other version will do.
  2. Carefully print the petition.
    • It must be printed on white legal-sized paper.  Shrinking or truncating it will never do.
    • It must be printed two-sided.  One-sided sheets will not do.
    • It must be printed head-to-head, that is, the top of Side 1 and Side 2 must be at the same end of the sheet.  Having Side 2 upside down from Side 1 will not do.
    • If you do not have the means to print a legal-sized petition, you can request paper copies be mailed to you by sending an e-mail to Chair@LpPa.Org.
  3. Add information about local candidates on Side 1.
    • Get that information only from your local candidate or your county chair.  (To find out who your county chair is, please send an e-mail to Chair@LpPa.Org or locate your county on the statewide map of the Libertarian Party.)
    • The candidate’s information must be identical across all petitions, including middle initials and any honorifics.
    • Be sure to fill in the county of the signers immediately below the word “Libertarian”.
  4. Find signers.
    • All signers must be registered voters, but can be from any party.
    • A signer must be eligible to vote for all of the candidates listed on the petition, that is, they need to live in the candidates’ districts.
  5. Collect their signatures.
    • No, a petition cannot be signed online.  All signatures must be on a paper petition.
    • The signer must personally fill out all the fields on a line.
    • Use blue or black ink only.
    • Ditto marks are not allowed!
    • Pay close attention to how people sign, because subsequent signers tend to copy mistakes or a bad date.
    • If a signer does make a mistake, draw a line through the entire line and have the signer enter the information correctly on the next available line.
    • Remind the signer to use the name of their township or borough, not their post office.
  6. Finalize the petition.
    • Fill out the “Affidavit of Qualified Elector” on the back of each and every petition, or else the signatures you collect are not valid!
    • You do not have to have the petition notarized.
    • The person who signs the Affidavit must be registered to vote in Pennsylvania
    • Be sure that the “County of Paper Signers Residence” in the Affidavit matches the “County of Signers” on the front of the petition.
    • Leave the page numbers blank.
  7. Send it to the Libertarian petition collection center.
    • Krawchuk ’18, PO Box 260, Cheltenham, PA 19012
    • To allow for processing, please send in your completed petitions no later than July 15, 2018.
  8. Before you begin, download and read the Petitioning Guide!


If you omit or skimp on any of these steps, any signatures you collect will not count!


Petition Sides 1 and 2 [107 Kb pdf]
Petitioning Guide [379 Kb pdf]
To download any of these materials, please right-click on any of the links and choose “Save target as…” or “Save link as…”

If you do not have the means to print a legal-sized petition,
you can request paper copies be mailed to you by sending an e-mail to Chair@LpPa.Org.